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dedicated to Mayari,

the Philippine goddess of the moon + revolution


here to help you create ritual + remember who you are

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A New Kind of Warrior

New Kind of Warrior:

Kali is the ancestral warrior art of pre-colonial Philippines.

And there is a new kind of Kali warrior being called forward.

One who wishes to rely on intuition instead of combative strength. One whose main desire is creation and not violence. One who wants their Kali practice to relate more to the energy of healing than to the energy of combat.

There is a new kind of Kali warrior being called forward.

One who knows they are being called to the journey and work of healing their ancestors and healing themselves. One who knows they have the honor of being the generational curse breaker.

There is a new kind of Kali warrior being called forward. 

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It was like melted butter on my skin!! No feeling of tackiness or anything. My major issue with dryness is in winter. My skin will be drinking this up all winter long. Loving it!!!!!"

Tik S.

I'm obsessed with this body butter! My skin feels amazing, and it still feels moisturized and soft even at the end of the day when I've taken a shower in the morning. This stuff is the real deal! Thank you!

Amanda D.

Mayari Moon body butter has taken the everyday ritual of skin care to a daily experience I look forward to each time I open up the jar. 

Darlene K.

When I look in the mirror, covered with Mayari moon, I FEEL like a goddess. This is how my body deserves to be seen, felt, and experienced. It's not just like putting lotion on. I feel a shift and a realignment on a cellular level. I've done so much mental and emotional work in knowing my worth, and this unlocks the physical aspect.

Rachel H.

Mayari Moon body butter is the ultimate in self care. I never knew my skin could be so soft. More than that, the entire vision of Mayari Moon Apothecary has empowered me to love myself well and to know that I deserve time and care. I can't recommend enough how treating yourself or someone you love to Mayari Moon will benefit you. It's the best!


What I love about Mayari Moon is the quality. Having made my own lotion before, I was able to see the difference. Mayari Moon body butter has such a good texture! It's so light and fluffy, which makes it easier to apply, use less, and it absorbs better. Before with my own, I felt the lotion sitting on top of my skin, and I felt so oily, but with Mayari Moon, I don't have that feeling. The lotion is absorbed and my skin is soft. This truly is a well made product. You won't be disappointed!

Lindsey H.

"I am not exaggerating when I say that Mayari Moon Apothecary's body butter has catapulted my self-care routine from non-existent to a consistent practice of self-love after every shower. It's the small yet might act that reminds me I am worthy of care and quality." 

Erin R.

Who is Mayari?

Mayari is the Philippine goddess of the moon, as well as combat, beauty, revolution, equality and strength. She fought her brother, Apolaki, for equal run of the skies, and although she won and now rules half the sky, she lost her eye in combat. Depite that, she is still regarded as one of the most beautiful and charming of Philippine deities. 

One of the things that we admire her for is that she embodies the truth that you don’t have to have physical perfection to be beautiful, and that strength and revolution walk hand in hand with divinity. Her magic and energy is infused into Mayari Moon Apothecary's products so you can absorb some of her energy.