Mayari Moon Apothecary Story


My name is Imee. I am a mother. A partner. A sister. A creatrix. A Filipina martial artist. A future ancestor. I am an energetic being with my own unique energy signature. My birth right is abundance and a deep remembrance of joy. It is also playfulness, a return to the senses and cosmic alignment. I am learning to own my innate magic, to walk in my own sovereignty, and to finally marvel at the way the sunlight shines of my own brown skin. I am here to help people to create ritual and remember who they are. I believe everything is energy. Scientifically and spiritually. You are also an energetic being with your own unique energy signature and a calling to remember your own sovereignty and birth right. 

Mayari Moon Apothecary is the current way I put my magic and medicine out into the world. It is an energy apothecary, born from ancestral inspiration under a full moon and dedicated to the essence of Mayari, the Philippine goddess of the moon and revolution. It is a way to honor my ancestors and my story. 

Thank you for inviting me into your story. I honor your journey.