Mayari Moon Apothecary Story


Hello beautiful human,

My name is Imee. I am a mother, a poet, a musician and a martial artist, among many other large and little things. I have always been a spiritual leader in my community and family, and having been a former worship leader in church for more than a decade, I have had many mystical experiences with the Holy Spirit. After journeying out from under the Church’s roof, however, I learned that Spirit was more expansive than I realized, and lived in many other places. One night, I had a dream from my ancestors, which led me on the spiritual journey I am on now, as I come to know and acknowledge the divinity that lies in my ancestral lineage, in myself, in all things, and also in you. 

I created Mayari Moon Apothecary as a way to honor my ancestors and my story. I was born in the Philippines and spent my childhood in (the Kingdom of) Hawaii. When I was a teenager, my family moved to the American Midwest (to the ancestral lands of the Shawnee, Miami, Wyandotte and Delaware nations), where I still reside with my husband and two children. Spending most of my life being surrounded by others who didn’t look like me and being handed a Eurocentric standard of beauty that I could never physically live up to, I understand what it’s like to feel uncomfortable in your skin. 

I've been making body butter for myself, friends + family for almost a decade now, and the idea for Mayari Moon Apothecary was spontaneously born one night under a full moon. I knew it was somehow a sort of spiritual culmination of the things I've fought through. And I knew that part of the magic and medicine I wanted to put out into the world was this: That you, too, no matter who you are, will know that you can honor your own story, feel at home in your own body, and have confidence enough to set your own beauty standard.