Apothecary FAQ's

Why do you only ship on Mondays, Tuesdays + Wednesdays?
I have found that shipping early in the week prevents our product from sitting too long in a mail room. Not only do I want to get it to you right away, I also want to reduce the chance of it melting while sitting lonely in a post office.
My body butter melted a little. Now what?
I do my best to stabilize my body butters without using any artificial stabilizers. However, there are some factors that I just can’t control (yet ;-), such as temperature of the weather or delays in shipping. If your body butter melts, you can put it back in the fridge so it hardens again. (And if you're feeling extra, you can whip it up to so it returns to its consistency!) The good thing is, melting a little does not affect the quality of the body butter, just the consistency. 
What's with all this packaging?
I package my body butters lovingly in insulated bubble mailers with cold packs to insure your package arrives intact and not melted. There is also a tiny bag of black tourmaline for protection during its trip to you. The tourmaline is yours and the cold packs are also reusable. Please recycle or resuse what you can!
What is the best way to use Mayari Moon Body Butter?
After bathing, but before drying off, massage body butter into wet skin. Pat dry the rest of the way! Use daily for best results. Conventional lotion is liquid-like, because it contains a lot of water to help it absorb into your skin. But that also means, you're paying for something that's mostly water! This body butter is 100% all moisturizing goodness. Massaging it in before you fully dry off ensures your skin drinks in all the magic.
I’m allergic to mango, can I still use your body butter?
While I do use mango butter as one of my major ingredients, and while research shows that most people who are allergic to mango are actually allergic to the mango flesh and not the fatty substance from the seed of the mango (which is used to make mango butter), please do your own research and patch test a little of it, especially if you have a severe mango allergy.     
I’m allergic to tree nuts, can I still use your body butter? 
While I do use shea butter and mango butter (made from the seed of the mango) and sometimes argan oil in our products, and while studies show that most people with a food allergy to tree nuts can safely use body products with containing tree nuts, please do your own research and patch test a little of it, especially if you have a severe tree nut allergy. 
What do you mean by “ritual moon oil”?
I mean, exactly that. Through spiritual ritual I infuse prayers, blessings, and intentions into one of the ingredients used to make my product. 
Can’t I just use your body butter for body care?
Of course! Certain people use it for their full moon or new moon rituals, but this product can certainly be used simply for body care. Both uses are encouraged! And either way, you’re absorbing magical goodness.