Blood Moon Body Butter
Blood Moon Body Butter
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Blood Moon Body Butter

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Scent: Blood orange. Bergamot. Cocoa. {warm, floral, citrusy}

There are many indigenous myths that say the energy of a blood moon is something to be feared. The Batammaliba people in Togo and Benin believed that the blood moon was the result of the sun and moon fighting. The Incas believed it was the result of a mythical jaguar attacking and eating the moon. The pre-colonial Tagalogs have a similar story, where a monster named Laho also looked at the moon and wanted to consume it. The mythologies share the same sentiment that the fighting and carnage resulted in the blood red hue. 

Scientifically, we now understand that what is happening during a blood moon is a total eclipse. The earth’s shadow blocks the sun’s light. And while the sunlight doesn’t directly reach the moon, some of its light indirectly does. Then the rays pass through our planet’s atmosphere, filtering out some of the colors in the light spectrum, leaving orange and reddish hues to paint the moon.

While many ancient civilizations believed the apocalyptic quality of eclipses should be met with a mystical trepidation, where I do think we can meet our ancestors in the mythology of the blood moon, is the idea that it can remind us of something bigger and more mysterious than ourselves. While we now understand eclipses as a normal astronomical occurrence, they still hold an intense energy, reminding us that strength, power, and the mystery of the wild lie within us all. 

Are you in need of a reminder of who you are? A reminder that your inner power and strength are good? That the wild, mysterious energy you feel at times isn’t something to be feared, but something to be nurtured and loved and used for the good of all in your life? Let the energy of Mayari’s Blood Moon Body Butter be the energetic reminder that you need. Dream. Envision. Let go of fear and the need to be tame. The world needs your wild vision.  



  • Better than lotion
  • Absorbs easily, without feeling greasy
  • Organic + high vibrational
  • Comes in a reusable glass jar


     Ingredient List: (*certified organic)
    • Ritual moon oil (made with sesame oil*)
    • Shea butter*
    • Deodorized cocoa butter*
    • Mango butter*
    • Coconut oil*
    • Arrow root powder
    • Therapeutic grade essential oils


    Note on shipping: Body butters are only shipped on M, T, W via priority mail to reduce the chances of melting. Slight melting will not compromise the quality or quantity of our body butter. But we take every shipping precaution to maintain the whipped consistency of our body butter. Rest assured, each body butter has reached its new home intact! And we include a reusable ice packs and a little mesh bag of tourmaline for extra protection on its way to you. 

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