Citrine Wrapped Crystal Necklace

Citrine Wrapped Crystal Necklace

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While I love all crystals, I love the raw and wild energy of rough crystal points. Especially since, while I use the same process each time, every crystal asks to be wrapped differently. This citrine crystal is lovingly wrapped in silver plated wire with a nickel-free chain. It's just waiting for you to bring it home to lend its joyful vibrations to you. 


  • 1 1/2" cleansed & charged rough citrine point 
  • Silver plated wire
  • 22" nickel-free chain

    About Citrine

    This bright, sunny crystal energizes with the warm energy of creativity, abundance, self-confidence, and joy. Wear it to promote self-esteem, personal power, and the ability to creatively envision ways to pursue your goals. 

    Affirmation: "I create the life I want."

    Astrology signs - Aries, Leo, Libra, Gemini    

    Element - Air

    Planet - Jupiter

    Birthstone - November   

    Chakras - Sacral, Solar, Crown