Moon Glow Facial Anointing Oil

Moon Glow Facial Anointing Oil

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Inspired by the soft glow of the full moon. And just like when the full moon in all it's glory, there is no need to hide your face. Give your skin some love by adding this facial anointing oil to your nightly skin care ritual. All organic ingredients, and most importantly, blessings, loving ritual and highest intentions to support you in the revolutionary act of caring for yourself. 


  • Organic avocado oil
  • Organic grape seed oil
  • Organic rose hip oil
  • Moon ritual
  • Jasmine essential oil
  • 24k gold flakes



To use: Swirl bottle around to mix up any 24k gold flakes that may have settled. After washing face, apply to clean skin while setting loving intentions for yourself, for glowing skin and spirit.