Quartz Wrapped Crystal Necklace

Quartz Wrapped Crystal Necklace

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While I love all crystals, I love the raw and wild energy of rough crystal points. Especially since, while I use the same process each time, every crystal asks to be wrapped differently. This quartz crystal is lovingly wrapped in silver plated wire with a nickel-free chain. It's just waiting for you to bring it home to lend its joyful vibrations to you. (note: since these are rough crystal points, each one will have slight variations from the picture.)


  • 1 1/2" cleansed & charged rough quartz point 
  • Silver plated wire
  • 22" nickel-free chain

    About Quartz

    Quartz is an energy amplifier. Because of this, did you also know man-made quartz is also used in cell phones and watches? Its energy also supports healing and intuition. It cleanses and restores the organs and soul. Great crystal to use in meditation when needing more clarity. 

    Affirmation: "I am crystal clear about what I want to amplify in my life."

    Astrology signs - Capricorn, Leo, Gemini    


    Chakras - ALL!